Questioning Myself?

I think I’ve gotten to one of those points in life where I’m considering whether what I am spending most of my time on is actually worth it. I’ve spent 5 or so hours working on my new blog this morning and the previous night I spent almost 8 hours straight working on it. As much as I am impressed by my own dedication to this (a rare occurrence) I am still not sure if I can actually pull off the end result and then actually stick to it. With those doubts comes the wonderment of whether there is actually an audience for the kind of blog I’m doing, I’m well aware of the other mod review site which I will end up competing with and I’ve seen that they actually have found an audience if miniscule in the spectrum of popular review blogs. Now I really want to provide something useful to the mod community, I want to dedicate time into keeping user up-to-date with the latest modding news while providing quality reviews on a wide range mods for as many different games and engines as I can feasibly manage.

I’ve begun setting up systems to both ensure I stay update with the latest releases and happenings in as many mod communities as I can find and found several other reviewers who play mods for games that I don’t. I’ve set up a personal schedule that will regularly remind me of what needs to be done and I most certainly have the time to keep the site updated. Yet that little strain of doubt keeps pulling my hair and telling me that I’m missing something.

I haven’t properly gamed in quite some time and I’ve been neglecting the mod that I’m supposed to be working on, my sleeping pattern is beyond messed up and the only thing I find I can concentrate on is both and the new mod site which is consuming most my time. Thankfully most of my modifications are now finished for and I just need to work on a design for the main page which probably won’t be done until January (and that’s optimistic).

Sorry for bothering anyone who has had the patience to a: click the link and b: read this far but I felt like I had to get this out somewhere and hey, isn’t this what blogs are for?

In return for getting this far here’s a…PUPPY!!!

Blizzard, the pup in Antarctica / photograph by Frank Hurley

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  1. that puppy looks like some sort of mini bear :/

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